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Social Network

Social Network

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Student Network


The student community office organises social events all the year round and strengthens personal relations through several networks. All this contributes to the development of a ‘engineering school spirit’.

• Sports, music and social events,
• Trips/outings (skiing, climbing and other outdoors activities),
• Humanitarian involvement (Téléthon, AIDS night, 4L TROPHY)....

• EXISTIA: a network of 3,000 active alumni willing to keep in touch (either on a friendly or a
professional basis). They can be a major asset when looking for internship, projects or more
generally when integrating the job market.


• Web portal for the integration into the working life

This Web platform makes the recruitment stage easier thanks to exchanges between students
and graduates.

  • posting of placement and job offers
  • on-line follow-up of applications
  • search for résumé (students, graduates)