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A 3-year engineering degree course

1st year: a scientific core focuses on industrial engineering with an opening
towards personal development.

2nd & 3rd years: two years of specialization in 1 of the 3 programs. Highlyspecialized
scientific skills and industrial professional know-how are taught
in close partnership with the industrial environment.


Industrial systems ( GSI )



ISTIA Engineering School students become an engineering generalists with specialized training in theoretical and practical aspects of industrial and systems engineering. Project work and placements complete their three year training program.

The first year is devoted to a common core program. Students then spend two years specializing in one of the three options : Automation and computer engineering, Innovation engineering ,Quality and dependability engineering. Students may also change options after their second year (subject to numerus clausus). A scientific and technical refresher course (150 hours) is available to international students entering the program to standardize skills with those of students from the integrated preparatory classes.



 International students are invited to consult Campus France for admission procedures.

 More information on this degree : GSI industrial systems

Three options

• Automation and Computer Engineering – AGI

The main focus is on Software Development, Industrial Automation, LAN,
Industrial Supervision, Traceability, Real-Time and Embedded Systems,
Robotics and Virtual Reality… The Automation and IT program aims at giving
two professional skills. The study of various subjects will allow the student
to master the computer tools as well as those necessary for designing and
implementing automated systems.

• Innovation Engineering - IDI

The main focus is on the management of innovative projects including
technical, and scientific skills, the development of new products or innovative
services from design to achievement. The Innovation Engineering program
aims at educating future engineers to be able to manage teams dedicated to
innovative projects and intangible assets.

• Quality and Dependability Engineering - QSF

The main focus is on Quality Management, Dependability and Reliability,
Industrial Processes, Software Security and Services. The Quality
Management, Dependability and Reliability program gives theoretical
knowledge and technical skills