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International Relations

International Relations

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Experiencing the world is the goal of ISTIA’s degree programs. Today’s engineer is a
world citizen,that's why  ISTIA has such a strong focus on International
Relations. ISTIA has a long experience in welcoming foreign researchers and research
laboratories have had long standing relations and even partnerships worldwide.

All the students abroad

ISTIA’s policy is to become a think-tank for its students.

It all starts in the 1st year of the Engineering curriculum when the student must carry
out a 3-month internship abroad. For some of our students it is the opportunity
to live « a dream », the internship is not necessarily related to their future job:
some participate in the National Parks programs in the US or Mexico, others work
for Humanitarian associations and some of them work at companies or university
laboratories... The main objective is to experience life abroad and come back with a
different outlook on how the world « works ».
Most of our mission is to train future engineers dedicated to the design of methods
and processes applicable nationwide or worldwide and to take into account the cultural
heritage present in international partnerships.

The International office

The International Office of ISTIA is closely related to the International Office of
the University of Angers, in order to strengthen or set up new partnerships.
The International Office mainly emphasizes:

  • setting up formalized relations on an educational basis, developing co-operations
    with foreign schools or universities in order to receive foreign students and
    reciprocally send ISTIA’s students.
  • bringing logistical support for the students planning to complete an internship abroad
  • exporting the knowledge and the know-how of the school in terms of educational

The International Office is also committed to enable every student to find
the best opportunity to study at the School, by providing them with all the
necessary information. ISTIA also welcomes foreign researchers to the two
laboratories of the School.